The Perky Bar Beer Menu

Draft Beer

Miller Lite : Light American Lager 4.2%
Pabst Blue Ribbon: American Lager 4.7%
LaBatt Blue: American Adjunct Lager 5%
Yuengling Lager : Traditional Lager 4.5%
Guinness : Irish Dry Stout 4.2%

Fiddlehead IPA: Hazy Well-Balanced American IPA – 6.2%
Bell’s Two Hearted Ale: American IPA 7%
Maine Lunch: IPA 7%
Evil Genius Stacy’s Mom: Citra Hop IPA 7.5%
Tonewood Fuego: Hazy IPA 6.2%
2SP Atomic Age: Hazy IPA 5.7%
Allagash White: Belgian Wheat: 5.2%
Firestone Pils: American Pils: 5.3%

Russian River Pliny The Elder: Double IPA 8%
Troegs Graffiti Highway: Hazy IPA 6%
2SP Koruna Pils : Czech Pils 4.6%
Ballast point grapefruit sculpin: IPA with grapefruit 7%